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سرویس ها و تجهیزات 

گروه دریافرین ایرانیان

Activities in the field of marine industry and entrepreneurship

Iranian Marine Group with the aim of carrying out activities in the field of marine industry and creating entrepreneurship and transformation with the participation of Aria Sarisanat Espadana companies, Iranian Marine Company with the focus on Iranian Marine Company as the top technology in Hormozgan province in 1398 to provide technical engineering services. This group has the ability to provide services to various industrial sectors, including oil and gas industries, steel industries and offshore industries, in the field of engineering designs and supervision of construction of offshore structures, electricity and facilities, as well as equipment supply. The technical team of the Iranian Marine Group consists of graduates of mechanical and electrical engineering.With the aim of carrying out specialized activities in the field of reverse engineering of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and control systems, this team has succeeded in carrying out various projects in the form of cooperation with the marine industry in Iran.
At the heart of our work is a commitment to providing quality and timely service. We consider these two as pillars of our progress and we always try to help our employers achieve our common goals by realizing the national policy of resistance economy by using specialized staff and using the latest technology.