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The main focus of activity is to provide engineering services with the centered on:

Overhaul, Design, Construction and Production, Specialized repairs, Installation, Supply of equipment in the marine and petroleum, gas and mining industries, including:

• Radar Level Gauging System (Cargo tank),
• Electro-pneumatic Level Gauging System (Ballast tank, Bubble),
• Overfill Alarm Level Gauging System (Using level switch and capacitor technology),
• Fix and Portable Gas Detection System,
• Fire Alarm Detection System,
• Ship alarm systems including navigation light, lighting panel, under-water camera and ship horn,
• Pressure measuring sensors and transmitters.

About Us​

Darya Farin Iranian Group

​Darya Farin Iranian, a knowledge-based, creative, hardworking and influential group in the field of marine, oil and gas, mining and advanced industries, with the aim of creating innovation using the latest global technology, the mission of design, supply, construction, installation and road Setting up and providing services in the field of electricity, mechanics and industrial automation in the Middle East market by using skilled, committed and expert forces, up-to-date technical infrastructure and a unique communication network in order to improve global science and technology, the progress of Iran. It is responsible for serving people and creating sustainable value for customers, shareholders, and employees. Our customers are major companies such as: NITC, IRISL, ISOICO and Well Services in Iran. We have achieved successful and sustainable results for our customers by providing innovative solutions that often redefine the possibilities of off-shore, marine and energy technologies.