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DFI Group Services

Scope of activity:

1. Design, manufacture and supply of equipment’s field,
2. Technical advice specialized repairs and services field,
3. Design, construction and reverse engineering field,
4. Overhaul field,
5. Installation and Lunching field,
6. Specialized calibration field.
Reverse engineering is a process that examines an existing product to determine detailed information and specifications in order to learn how it was made and how it work. The process of reverse engineering begins by gaining dimensional information of the object via 3D scanning, whether it is a mechanical component, a consumer product or an ancient artefact.
While repair focuses on the failed component of a system, overhaul involves rebuilding a system through disassembly and inspection to identify defective, damaged or worn parts. The substandard parts and components are repaired or replaced. Finally the equipment is reassembled and tested before returning to service.
The ability of all measuring instruments to measure accurately and reliably is to be proved, to get meaningful results. For this, the results of measurement are to be compared with higher standards. The instruments, gauges to be used for measurement should be of known accuracy in order that the results obtained are meaningful. In order to identify the errors and rectification of errors, the instruments are compared with masters or standards. This act of comparison is known as calibration.
DFI Group is one of the shareholders of Dana Mining Industry Company. The following can be mentioned among the activities of this company:
- Investing in the exploration of polymetallic metals, lithium and the like,
- Applying and building and localizing new exploration tools and equipment,
- Applying new technologies in mineral exploration and entering the market of specialized exploration services focusing on Central Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America,
-Technology transfer and manufacturing and localization of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and, ...